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(Nov 14, 2019): Even though we're on hiatus til next year (and Charlie album release), how can we resist getting up at 5am to play in January's Carlsbad Marathon - booked and looking forward to it!

(May 11, 2019): While waiting for full band to resume playing full shows next year, enjoy Charle playing with Michael Tiernan at En Fuego in Del Mar on June 5.

(Oct 18, 2018): Band is again playing Carlsbad Marathon for 10,000 runners in January - our beautiful faces are the entertainment part fo the brochure

(Oct 1, 2018): Release date for Charlie's album ("Hi-Ya") pushed back, hired a promotion team for release - very exciting!

(Aug 22, 2017): Mike joining Kevin playing in New Moon Drive

(June 9, 2018): Charlie album is fully mixed & sounds great; can't wait til you all hear it

(April 21, 2018): Charlie playing with Michael Tiernan at En Fuego on May 2

(Nov 22, 2017): Band is playing Carlsbad Marathon for 10,000 runners on January 14

(July 18, 2017): Mike and Charlie back in studio finishing up tracks for Charlie's album - can't wait for you all to hear it

(May 13, 2017): Added some songs from April 30 Winston's show in the player below on this page. Enjoy!

(March 29, 2017): We learned two things in the studio last night: 1) This group has a blast and works well in the studio, and 2) Charlie can not take a panoramic selfie.

(February 23, 2017): FYI, we are doing some recording. More details soon.

(January 16, 2017): We had a terrific time playing at Carlsbad Marathon yesterday. Unfortunately, the sound mix was not usable ... too much wind. Will continue recordings show, though.

(December 29, 2016): New spot for us on course at Carlsbad Marathon this year -- all you gotta do to see us is run 13 or 26 miles. Here is the on-course entertainment lineup

(November 18, 2016): Remember, we are playing at The Kraken in Cardiff this Sunday, 7-11pm. Come one, you know you love the Kraken ... it's like your most fun, f-ed up friend! Here's the Facebook event page or a link/map on our Schedule page here on the website

(November 8, 2016): Thanks everybody for a great Winston's show, we'll be back to Ocean Beach soon. Meanwhile get out and vote!

(October 31, 2016): Happy Halloween! Here's a Facebook event page for our Sunday, November 6 show (5-8pm) at Winston's in Ocean Beach if the election hasn't scared you off of looking at Facebook

(October 18, 2016): Just signed on for a MORNING show at Carlsbad Marathon, yikes. For those of you with more civilized evening scheduled, two nice California shows in November.

(September 9, 2016): Added two local San Diego shows in November: The Kraken in Cardiff & Winston's in Ocean Beach. See you then California! More news always via our Twitter page

(August 12, 2016): Here's a Facebook event page for our Sunday, August 21 show (5-8pm) at Winston's in Ocean Beach if Facebook is your thing. Would love to see some of you folks then.

(June 22, 2016): Video from last week playing Sympathy For The Devil at The Kraken in Cardiff

(June 9, 2016): Our initial public offering show is at The Kraken in Cardiff next week ... Thursday, June 16. Would love to see you fine folks. More info on our Schedule page here or on our Facebook Page.

(May 24, 2016): We are just getting the website off the ground & posting initial shows, music files, etc. Just officially added Mike Mannion on guitar (you'll see him on the website shortly) and the core lineup is in cement. First show went great last weekend!

Here's a couple songs from April 30, 2017 show at Winston's (we promise to get better music plugin ... and website ... soon)

Music for people who like music. No recorded albums yet, so we're posting some initial raw recordings from rehearsals til we have more polished stuff for you.

In the meantime, we'd love to see you at a live show. Thank you for supporting live acts. It's how we get new, exciting music.