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(August 11, 2022): It's official: Jamilyn Coleman has joined the band on the drums, fresh from Minneapolis - St. Paul. You'll get to know her very soon. So damn excited!

(July 17, 2022): Playing at En Fuego with Michael Tiernan in Del Mar on August 17, 2022. Come for the margaritas, stay for us (or vice versa)

(June 29, 2022): Guess who's been in the recording studio? Charlie and Spud at Big Rock Studios. Watch this space.

(June 2, 2022): Plannedscape is redesigning this site. Should be fully launched Sept 1.

(May 30, 2022): Charlie just delivered the musical score for an indie film, Call Of The Clorn Horn. Indie film moves slowly, might not be in festivals until late in the year but we'll be certain to twll you more than you want to know about it.

(April 13, 2022): A couple nice shows coming up. Easter Sunday afternoon, April 17 at Winston's in Ocean Beach. Easter Wednesday, April 20 at En Fuego in Del Mar. Live shows are back! Meanwhile, here's us with Fire On The Mountain. See you all soon.

(Jan 18, 2022): Had a blast at the Carlsbad Marathon, as always. Was great to start playing live again.

(Dec 30, 2021): We are still not playing traditional gigs, but looking forward to making an early morning return on January 16th to play on the course at the Carlbad Marathon. We can't wait to see you all go past us, whether at a 6-minute mile pace or a 16-minute mile pace.

(August 13, 2021): "Hiya", Charlie's album was nominated for a San Diego Music Award. Everybody on the record sounded like a million bucks. Thanks to SDMA folks for recognizing it!

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